My smart phone has programmed into its display the temperatures across the U.S.A. wherein I have an active interest and this morning most all of them are in the 20s or less.  I draw a little
comfort in the fact that in just a few days (4 or 5) we (HCRCC Members) will be back in the 50/60 degree days and back out to the flying field enjoying various flight activities while a good
number of those other locations will still be below freezing and some even experiencing some of that “white stuff”.

The good news is that we HCRCC members can enjoy year round flying with only a few days like today – spent keeping warm by the fireplace.  The bad news is that three weeks from today,
the New Year will be upon us.  My!  My! How time flies when you are having fun and having fun is what the HCRC Club is all about.  The 2017 Club Officer Staff is now well defined and ready to
perform their varied duties to keep the field in good shape.  I am quite sure that the 2017 club officers are serious about performing their duties and can be depended upon to make your flying
experiences at our field a satisfying experience.

Now, we just need to put together a fiscal plan for the new year and make sure we are able to carefully budget the various field maintenance needs in a responsible.  We will be preparing a
financial report to members for the 2016 year and showing the income/expenses for the year and the amount we will be moving from the 2016 general fund balance over to the club savings
account and how much of the 2017 funds we are beginning the new year general fund with.

It goes without saying that our 2017 general funding will come from the club membership for the new year.  Our general operating plan is comfortable with a membership of from 75 to 100.  
Therefore, we welcome those members who are in a position to renew their membership during December as this gives us a good picture of our operating budget.

Therefore, one of the purposes of this email is to encourage present members who plan to renew their club membership to do so as soon as possible.  The fee for renewal during December
and January is $75.00 and this jumps to $85.00 in February.

Plans are already underway for a January Chili Fun Fly so please plan to be a part of this always fun gathering with lots of “First Class Free Food”.  How bad can that be?

We appreciate your support of the Henry County RC Club this year and look forward to another great year of fun flying in 2017.

JRM, Club Secretary

CRCClub Members